How to Plan the Perfect Engagement Party?

Common Questions

Who is in charge of Hosting the Engagement Party?

Tradition shows that the parents of the bride are usually the ones to organise this special event, nowadays, anything goes really. It is not uncommon for both families to come together to host the event, or friends and family together; although the couple themselves appear to enjoy hosting their own Engagement Party in today’s society.


Can we have more than one Engagement Party?
Personally, I like to think that it is your own special moment to share your terrific news so why not?!

It is not uncommon for some couples to host two Engagement parties, especially if family and friends live in different states or countries.


When is the best time to have your Engagement Party?

Usually, an Engagement Party is celebrated within 3 months of your announcement. The party itself is a time for you all to celebrate with your family and friends, as well as allow both families to get to know each other get together in a fun, relaxed way.


Who should you invite to your Special Day?

You loved ones of course!

Now this can be a very difficult time and can cause concerns for many couples. Usually, it is the norm to only send invites to individuals who will be attending your Wedding.

All invitees will automatically assume they are invited to the Wedding, so be sure to be mindful of this when inviting and choosing your guests.

  1. Remember to keep it casual, your Wedding will be extravagant, but your Engagement Party should be more of a relaxed feel to allow everyone to gather. I always like to set up purposeful and different spaces for guests to enjoy. This about having a desginated drinking station in an open area with stools, comfy chairs maybe; a deser bar is always popular, and well let’s be honest who doesn’t like a sweets *wink*; food and nibbles in a seperate area, which at the moment is very popular in the style of pop up picnics with grazing tables. Lastly, why not include some fun games for you and your guests to play. This creates a beautiful free atmosphere full of different areas for your guests to enjoy and move around, and it creates plenty of opportunities for everyone to meet and get together.
  2. Now I know some ladies are going to be like me, and super shy, well we have to put our big girl pants on and off we go! Grab ‘hubby to be’ and use this wonderful occasion to introduce people to each other, mingle and encourage other’s to do the same. If you see someone sitting awkwardly in the corner (probably some distant cousin) grab them and show them to the drinking station or food area.
  3. Ever heard of setting the mood? *wink**wink* Okay, but yes, lighting is very important especially if you are looking to have an afternoon to evening event. Think of fairy lights, bulb lights or antique style lighting to keep a fun and groovy atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.
  4. Think about decor, small centerpieces with floral arrangements, sequin tablecloths to cover your tables, and maybe some glam candles. Have I sold you on sequins and lights yet? If I haven’t think of the never ending sparkle that will arise from the lights touching the sequins in the night!
  5. COLOUR! I will scream it from the top of the roof if I can. *clears throat* Let’s be real for a moment, colour is everything! Have you got a theme in mind? Of course you do! Now top it off with some fabulous scents from gorgeous flowers in your chosen theme or colour.
  6. Thank you! Remember to send Thank You Notes to all your amazing friends and family who came along to celebrate your Engagement.

Think about it, sequins, candles, groovy lights, drinks, cocktails, relaxation area now that is a party that is easily done in your own backyard or any location and sure to turn eyes and look FABULOUS!

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