Micol Simbari

Event Planner

Born and raised in Italy, Micol is bilingual and speaks fluently both English and Italian. She moved to Australia 4 years ago to follow her dream to work in the Australian Event industry.
Micol has a keen eye for the arts, design and an enormous passion for traveling.
Micol has been working in the Wedding industry since 2013 when she started her career working for a local Wedding Planner in Bologna, Italy. Micol has worked on significant weddings in Italy ranging from low to high range budgets.
In 2017 Micol landed in Sydney, where she completed her Certificate III and Diploma in Events Management, and where coordinated with management teams within multiple events at the Four Seasons Hotels.
With skills tailored to meet your needs, Micol will be able to help you achieve your dream event with a kind, empathic and creative side to help you on your Memorable journey.
We are so glad Micol has chosen to become part of our Team, as my right-hand lady, and I cannot wait to create beautiful Weddings with her in 2021 and 2022.