Wedding Tips for Bride & Grooms

We often get asked if we have any Wedding Tips for Bride and Grooms for their special day, and boy do we ever!

There are so many small things which may seem to unimportant or irrelevant that can help make your day run smoothly or can help make a huge difference for your Moments to be captured by your photographers.

“The great marriages are partnerships. It can’t be a great marriage without being a partnership.”

– Helen Mirren

Tip 1

Did you know that getting your Engagement and Wedding Bands cleaned before your special day can help create stunning photos, allowing their true beauty and sparkle to be seen in all the detailed photos.

Tip 2

Social media for your Special day has become super popular. Why not create a fun hashtags for your guests to use when uploading photos to their social medias.

Tip 3

It’s YOUR wedding, not anyone else’s so kind to yourself and don’t try to please everyone.

Tip 4

Although pockets can seem practical on your special day, it can also cause you to sloutch a lot for your photos and when walking around.

Tip 5

The struggle is real! When nature calls, it can be very hard to go to the toilet in your stunning dress. Assistance from bridesmaids is always appreciated, but did you know that sitting on the toilet seat backwards can releive a lot of the struggle.

Tip 6

Photographer’s tip –

“Don’t wear a bra on the morning your Wedding Day”

Bras can leave unwanted marks on your back and shoulders which will be visible in your photos, and who wants that?!

Tip 7

Music is key! Did you know it could be super fun to let your guest decide on a few songs for your day? Why not add a little note to your RSVP cards where your guests can write their song, this way creating excitement when their song comes on during the night.

Tip 8

Make sure you get a good nights sleep before your Wedding. Taking half a sleeping tablet can often help keep you relaxed so you wake up feeling refreshed and beautiful!

Tip 9

Don’t be freaked out with the first quotes you get. It may seem like a LOT of money, but take a breath, you’ll likely soon realise that throwing a fully catered party for 80+ people does actually cost quite a lot. Then divide the number so you know how much it costs per head. That often makes it seem more reasonable.

Tip 10

Carefully pick your photographer! It may seem like an unnecessary thing, where costs can be minimalised, however the photos you receive of your special day are going to be yours for a lifetime, so you want to be sure you are 100% happy with all of them! Research carefully and find someone who understands exactly what you want.


Man up! Who said the Bride has to do it all!? Often a lot of groom’s leave it all up to the Bride, although this year we have had many Husbands to Be take the reign and we love it. Remember you are a team, you do not have to do all the planning alone!


Trust your Vendors. Vendors have many connections of people they have worked closely with for other Weddings & Events, let them lead you to another.

Your wedding photographer may know a Fabulous florist’s who’s bouquets really pop, and your Venue may know which band consistently packs the dance floor.

Tip 13

Pause! Take some time to sit down at your Reception and eat, take in the moment. Many Bride and Grooms forget to eat or relax on their special day, ensure you advise your guests that you will give them all the attention after dinner but to please refrain from taking selfies during this time. Sit next to each other and take in the moment, and revitalise for the remaining of the day/night!

Tip 14

Don’t hire friends. I know, it sounds horrible but bare with me. Hiring friends and family at your Wedding Day can see like a good, cost effective idea; however when it comes to your Special Moment we often find the Brides voice is not heard. The Makeup friend, or family photographer often tries to tell the Bride how they should look or what photos to take. Having a professional Vendor who is neutral to the family, will 100% do as they are told and put to light the Bride and Groom’s vision.

Mother’s, oh we love them don’t we, but I should tell you, the amount of Bride’s who trusted their family on the day to set up the Ceremony or Reception, often found it wasn’t as their envisions or things were forgotten as Family ran out of time.

Your family and friends should be with you during the day, soaking up the moment, laughing and smiling with you!

Tip 15

Love each other unconditionally!

I have said it before and I will say it again, soak up the moment when your Ceremony is over! You are now Married!! Take a walk together, away from the madness and enjoy just being with each other for a moment.

At the end of the all, spend the night together and celebrant as newly weds!

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