“Elegant & Charming: The Allure of Victory Lane in Ascot”

Your wedding day is such a momentous occasion, a celebration of love and commitment. Choosing the perfect Venue for your special day  is a decision that can define the atmosphere and memories of your big day. In May 2023, a hidden gem was unveiled in Ascot, a venue that has quickly become the talk of the town – Victory Lane.

Victory Lane is not just another wedding venue; it is a testament to transformation and rejuvenation. The recent upgrades and renovations have breathed new life into this stunning location making it a MUST SEE! Proving you a fresh and contemporary design which has the power to sweep you off your feet. The combination of neutral colors like white and black, with the infusion of warm burnt orange tones, creates a visual symphony that is both modern and elegant.

One of the most mesmerising features of Victory Lane is the clever inclusion of natural elements. Wooden accents and touches of greenery bring the outside in, creating a harmonious blend of the urban and the natural. What a perfect design choice that brings warmth and freshness to the ambiance, making your celebration feel both intimate and welcoming!! Oh, did we mention their stunning water feature?

The stunning water display is a masterpiece of art and engineering. As you and your guests revel in the joy of your special day, you’ll be mesmerised by the cascading water, creating a backdrop that’s nothing short of magical.

Your journey at Victory Lane begins with a warm and inviting Welcome! Guests are greeted with champagne on arrival or their favorite cocktails (I’ll take a Margarita thanks!). This sets the tone for a day of Celebration, Love, and Joy. The attention to detail is evident from the very first moment, ensuring that your guests feel special.

An unforgettable part of any wedding is the food, and Victory Lane simply just does not disappoint. The promise of mouthwatering, delectable cuisine is sure to please your taste buds and leave your guests raving about the culinary experience. With an amazing food selection range, available to cater for all dietary needs.

Victory Lane is committed to inclusivity. The presence of disability facilities ensures that all your guests can celebrate with ease and comfort. The venue’s street parking is a practical convenience, while the provision of a quiet room for kids ensures that every guest enjoys a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

For all your out-of-town guests, the availability of accommodations within walking distance of the Venue is a true convenience. It eliminates the stress of finding a place to stay and allows your guests to fully  immerse themselves in your special day.

Victory Lane is simply more than just a wedding venue; it’s an experience!

It’s a canvas waiting for you to paint your love story, a setting that combines Elegance, Charm, and Nature. Victory Lane in Ascot is a wedding venue that promises not just an event but an unforgettable memory! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch NOW!

Location: 150 Racecourse Rd, Ascot QLD 4007

Website: https://victorylaneascot.com.au



Images bought to you by the Wonderful Team:

Photographer: The talented Rosie at @sorosiewedding

Stylist & Florist: @memorablememories.weddings

HMUA: Glowing by @bella_brides

Venue: Victory Lane at @victorylaneascot

Audio Guestbook: Leave a message with @offthehook.au

Dress: She said YES to the dress from @whenfreddiemetlilly

Stationary: Perfect details from @glitzyprints

Celebrant: I DO with @marrymeamanda

Lovely couple: @emmaleecoleman & Josh

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